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Are you feeling stuck on your career path? Are you looking for interactions beyond networking sessions that can mentor you and your business? Then the Topco and the Empow(Her) mentorship web-based platform is your solution.

Empow(Her) provides an AI-driven platform that ensures professional growth through mentorship by some of South Africa’s most well-known and successful entrepreneurs.

Drawing on Topco’s trusted network of top gender-empowerment companies and women business leaders, Empow(Her) matches up entrepreneurs with leading business figures to ensure they grow specific skills, in an outcomes-based program.

About the program

Women are still underrepresented in almost every boardroom in South Africa, but this could change if we invested in and mentored them. This is where Topco and the Empow(Her) mentorship web-based platform step in, offering female entrepreneurs a career progression tool unlike any other available in the country.

The internationally-recognised technology behind Empow(Her) offers an AI-based program that identifies your learning needs and encourages your growth through intuitive, task-based learning.

The program gives entrepreneurs access to some of the country’s top business leaders, in a format that allows mentees to gain real value, measured against tailored outcomes. The program is a way to ensure you learn exactly what you need to take your business to the next level, through tasks designed specifically for your growth path.


The Empow(Her) mentorship web-based platform has access to Topco’s network of leading South African business minds, who have volunteered their time to help grow the business leaders of tomorrow.

The intuitive program goes beyond the average networking opportunities and engagement session, by mapping a learning path linked to tasks and outcomes for both mentees and mentors. It ensures you receive the coaching you need; in the areas you need it.

Empow(Her) identifies the areas in which female entrepreneurs are looking to grow, and uses internationally-recognized technology to match them with business leaders who can empower them with those skills.

Instead of spending thousands of rands on unfulfilling online courses, the Empow(Her) offers an affordable subscription-based model that gives you access to a wealth of Topco opportunities, such as discounted award entries and unique content, over and above the access to world-class learning opportunities.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Mentoring Program team:

086 000 95 90

What do Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have in common? Aside from being 21st-century tech titans, all three had excellent business mentors.